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Why recyclable and eco-friendly packaging is important for our business?

Let’s make Green packaging the trend across the globe; Here’s why!
As the awareness regarding sustainable goods in the world is increasing, as a packaging company it is important to meet these demands while also making sure that the quality and design are not compromised. While it is a relief to know that the toxic consumer culture has not caught the attention of people and we have gradually shifted to an eco-friendlier way of living, setting a precedent and trend for sustainability.
In this blog post, we will delve into the benefits of eco-friendly packaging and understand how important it is to work together towards creating a narrative of sustainable products. You’ll be surprised at how much eco-friendly packaging can positively impact our environment!
Some benefits of eco-friendly packaging boxes include:
1. A greener Planet: eco-friendly products are recyclable implying that they can be decomposed and reused again easily. By including materials that are renewable and biodegradable, we can play our part in making this planet GREEN. How, you may ask? We limit the use of limited resources on the earth and do not contribute to the heaps of unrecyclable waste that companies produce each year. Around 2.4 million tonnes of packaging waste is generated only by the UK annually, yikes!
2. Allergen Free packaging: since recyclable materials are biodegradable, they are also free of toxins that tend to cause allergic reactions in people. An example of this could be how eco-friendly packaging usually uses soy ink instead of traditional ink which is very high in VOC, making it toxic and a threat to your wellbeing.
3. Contributing to a circular economy: circular economy refers to the idea of using our resources effectively and reducing waste materials so we can have our raw materials last for as long as possible. By switching to a sustainable packaging company like ours, you can contribute effectively to the circular economy and take the first step towards keeping this Earth green.
4. Cost-effective: even though it may cost a pretty penny to make the initial investment for making sure our products are sustainable and eco-friendly, we decided to look at the bigger picture instead where it eventually pays up to have a sustainable company. Since the materials required for eco-friendly packages require fewer materials, they are less bulky and save transportation costs. To convince us even further, we realized how it requires fewer raw materials since we can recycle our products, along with sparing us the horrors of hefty waste disposal costs.
5. Satisfaction of customers is our top priority: As we mentioned already, packaging companies generate tonnes of waste each year and we have found that most of you tend to prefer recyclable and eco-friendly packaging, and since your wish is our command, we decided to cater to the needs of our customers. It also happens to be a trend these days to be an eco-conscious company and clearly, we had to hop on the bandwagon to make sure we weren’t missing out.
6. Our own conscious: When we say that we were trying to meet the demands of our potential customers, we have to make it a point to stress how we ourselves felt the need to stick to the ethical and moral guidelines of reducing waste materials. We have made it our priority to make our business sustainable and eco-friendly in all ways that are possible to contribute to the future of the coming generations and take care of our dear planet Earth. We also wanted to set an example for other companies that it is indeed possible to be a sustainable company and do well in the industry at the same time.
7. Sowing the seeds (of creativity): Carrying the idea of how the demand for sustainable packaging is quite in demand by the customers, we think it not only promotes a GREEN planet but also gets our creative juices flowing. We are constantly looking for new ideas and ways to make our packaging products more sustainable which acts as a driving force for us to succeed and meet the demands of our customers, after all, YOU are OUR first priority.