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Why recyclable and eco-friendly packaging is important for our business?

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the best packaging for your brand!
For every packaging company, we must have some core principles that we do not compromise on. To have a successful brand, it’s vital that your packaging is exquisite since often at times, it will be the first thing your customer is exposed to.
When designing your ultimate packaging boxes, we make sure we use sustainable materials to reduce environmental waste and avoid excessive taxes, along with making sure it is catchy and unique, to market your brand in the best way possible while also making the safety of the product inside in mind.
Here are some essential factors to keep in mind while selecting packaging for your brand:
1. Make sure to use a durable material
The type of material you use for the packaging boxes is crucial since it determines the cost, the protection of the product, and also the overall outlook of your product. To ensure that all these conditions are met, there are many durable materials now being used in the market, which also provide your product with a clean and smooth finish to make sure the visual element is not compromised.
One of the most commonly used materials is corrugated cardboard. It consists of three layers of paper, with a fluting wavy layer sandwiched between the two inside and outside layers of paper. This provides it with great stability and structural support for your product to ensure damage-free shipping. It is recyclable, lightweight, cost-effective, and oh, an added bonus, extremely versatile too! You can customize it to your liking and make your packaging boxes of any shape or size of your preference, giving you the extra freedom to be as creative as possible.
2. Prioritize sustainability
This may seemingly be a hard one to consider but to your surprise, most packaging companies are now looking into more sustainable forms of packaging to make sure to keep up with the demand for eco-friendly packaging. At first glance, it may look like using plastic-based packaging is a very easy and cheap alternative, but once you look into the long run, sustainable products are more cost-effective since they are recyclable and can be used over and over again. For example, you may prefer plastic bottles to be your ideal choice since they appear to be cheaper, but using glass bottles is more cost-effective since glass can be recycled multiple times, while also giving a better finish than plastic. It is also important to note that using sustainable packaging will also attract many customers for you, since a lot of people are fond of playing their part in saving their planet, it can serve as a great incentive for them to consider your products over others in the market.
3. Choose a unique design
Imagine yourself standing in an aisle with multiple products of the same category, which one will you be instantly drawn to? Most likely, to one that is visually appealing, even though we’ve been taught better to not judge a book by its cover only when it comes to marketing your product, your packaging has to make the first impression to your customer. Make the design something that is unique to your brand, a colour scheme that compliments each other, with a stellar logo and graphics that all combine to make a statement. In the 21st century where you want your products to stand out in such a competitive market, try to really invest in your packaging and look into custom designing it in a way that speaks of the message your brand wants to spread. As for the execution, don’t worry, we at Artsy Packaging have got you covered and will put in our best efforts to bring your designs to life, even better than you imagined.
4. Create a functional design
While it is important to be creative and explore new designs, keep in mind the overall functionality of your product as well. Packaging that is easy to open, can be reused, or multi-used is always more appealing to a customer. If you want to ship your product, make sure to look into the durability of the material and design as well to make sure that your product reaches the customer safely. Some general suggestions to keep in mind would include keeping it simple yet unique, making sure the packaging has all the relevant information so your customer is well aware of your product, and creating a design that is minimalist so it can be reused and complement the likings of most people. You can also look into customizable packaging, based on the interest and demands of your customer to make it a more interactive experience when it comes to creating their ideal product. Another key point to consider is to make sure your packaging is ergonomic, implying that it has handles, ties, and places to grip and hold comfortably so the customers can use the product with ease.
Keeping in mind all of this while looking into the packaging for your product can be daunting, but it is essential to keep these factors in mind so you can ensure that your packaging does not become a hindrance when it comes to the success of your business. If you are interested to expand your knowledge about making the ideal product packaging, you can read further on the links below.